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Anatomic 1st and 2nd Molar Bands
88¢ Molar Bands Anatomically Conform to Individual Tooth. The Best Molar Bands Anywhere!  With Lingual Indent for Precise Fit and Reduced Occlusal Interference

Anatomic Bicuspid Bands

$1.30 per 5-Pack Contoured Prfect Fit Bicuspid bands that Anatomically Conform to Individual Tooth.

Anesthesia and Retraction

Anesthetics, Retraction Cords, Aspirating Syringes

Appliance and Expansion Screws

Removable Appliance Screws & Expanders (Anterior Fan, Composite, Rapid Palatal, Universal) ...

Appliance Typodonts

Ideal For Case Presentation - Beautiful plastic typodont articulated with posterior hinge.


• Bands will be related to the working model exactly as they are in the mouth.

Arches & Wire, Ligatures, Coils & Springs

Arches, Archwire, Dental Wire, Ligatures, Coils, Springs, Retainer Wire, Stainless Steel Wire in Spools or Segments, Brass Wire, Gold Wire ...

Arches, PreFormed

Preformed Arches: Niti (Nickel-Titanium) Arches, Tooth-Color Niti & Steel (Invisible) Arches in Regular,  Thermal, Reverse Curve, Dimple.  NiTi Arches in Natural or Wide Width.  Steel Arches in Regular or Modern Form.  Round or Rectangular Arch Wire.


Archwire Hook/Lock, Bondable Buttons/Eyelets, Posts, Stops, Crossed Tubes ...



Anatomic Bicuspid Band KIT of 100 Bands

Anatomic Molar Band, Sizes #1 - #30, KIT of 100

Acid Neutralizer

Anatomic Bicuspid Band, Upper 1st and 2nd

Anatomic Molar Band, Size 29mm - 42mm, KIT of 100

Anatomic Bicuspid Band, Lower 2nd

Angulated Abutment (ST 3.30/3.75)

Angulated Abutment (ST 4.20/5.00)

Angulated Abutment, 15 Degree (LGI 3.5)

Angulated Abutment, 15 Degree (LGI 4.3/5.0)

Angulated Abutment, 15 Degree (VRI 3.50)

Angulated Abutment, 15 Degree (VRI 4.30)

Angulated Abutment, 15 Degree (VRI 5.0)

Anatomic 1st Molar Band, Size 29mm - 42mm, 10 pc

Abutment Analog for One-Piece Screw-In Abutment (TITE FIT)

Anatomic 2nd Molar Band, Size 29mm - 41mm, 10 pcs

Autoclavable Surgical Organizer Box

Anatomic 1st Molar Band, Size #1 - #30, 10 pc

Abutment, 17 Degree

Abutment, 30 Degree

Abutment, Angled

Abutment, Angled, Shoulder

Abutment, Anti-Rotation

Abutment, Anti-Rotation, Esthetic

Abutment, Anti-Rotation, Full

Abutment, Anti-Rotation, Narrow

Abutment, Anti-Rotation, Wide

Abutment, Castable, Gold

Abutment, Castable, Plastic

Abutment, Castable, Titanium

Abutment, Fixed-Detachable, CBA Plastic Cylinder

Abutment, Fixed-Detachable, CBA Titanium Cylinder

Abutment, Fixed-Detachable, Conical Base

Abutment, Fixed-Detachable, OBA Plastic Cylinder

Abutment, Fixed-Detachable, OBA Titanium Cylinder

Abutment, Fixed-Detachable, OBA/CBA Fixation Screw

Abutment, Fixed-Detachable, Over Denture Base

Abutment, Healing, Ø 4.1mm

Abutment, Healing, Ø 5.5mm

Abutment, Peek Temporary

Abutment, Screw-In

Abutment, Straight

Abutment, Zirconium/Titanium

Abutment, Zirconium/Titanium, Fused

Acid Neutralizer Kit

Adams Flat on Flat Plier

Adjustable Articulator

Alginate Flavor, 2 oz Bottle

Alginate Impression Material (Orthodontic)

Aluminum Chloride, Gel, 30g

Aluminum Chloride, Solution 1oz


Analog, Ball Attachment

Analog, CBA

Analog, Implant

Analog, OBA

Angled Scalpel Handle

Anterior-Posterior Bracket Positioner

Appliance Typodont, Ceramic 5 to 5

Appliance Typodont, Composite 5 to 5

Appliance Typodont, Gold 5 to 5

Appliance Typodont, Steel 5 to 5

Appliance Typodont, Steel 7 to 7

Aquaform, Blue

Aquaform, Green

Aquaform, Purple

Aquaform, Red

Aquaform, White

Aquaform, Yellow

Arch Forming Grooves Plier

Arch Forming Plier

Archwire Hook with Lock

Archwire Hook with Lock, Extra Long

Archwire Lock

Archwire Lock Wrench

Archwire, Steel, Coaxial, 20 Pack

Archwire, Steel, Modern Form, Rectangular, 20 Pack

Archwire, Steel, Modern Form, Round, 100 Pack

Archwire, Steel, Standard Form, Rectangular, 20 Pack

Archwire, Steel, Standard Form, Round, 100 Pack

Articulating Paper

Aspirating Syringe, Astra Type

Aspirating Syringe, Cooke-Waite


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