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Operatory Supplies
Bibs, Mouth Mirrors, Disposable Surgical Tips, Cotton Rolls, etc.

Ortho Instruments & Tools

Buy 2 - Get 1 Free (33% Off 3 Same Items): Bracket Placement Tweezer, Boone Guage, Keat Buccal Tube, Bracket Positioner, Band Height Marker, Hemostat Pliers, Matheiu Pliers, Hand Instruments (Explorer, Seater, Scaler, Director, Twirl), Bite Sticks

Ortho-Dental Hardware Products and Supplies

Bonding Systems & Brackets, Bicuspid and Molar Bands, Attachments, Archwire, Bulk Dental Wire, Appliance & Expansion Screws, Education Models, Dental Elastics (Ties & Chain), Head Gear, Impacted Cuspid Products, Retainer Cases

Ortho-Dental Instruments, Tools & Electronics

Pliers (Distals, Benders, Cutters, Formers, Removers), Hand Instruments, Curing Lights, Handpieces & Motors, Drills and Burs, Applicance Models & Typodonts, Interproximal Stripping

Orthodontic Cement

New and Original Ultra PermaBand, Sumo Glass Inomer Band Cement, PermaBand Dual Cure Glass Inomer Resin Cement

Orthodontic Implants

Implants with Bracket-Like Head and Large Tie Area, Drills, Rachet, Driver and Kits

Orthodontic Silver Solder

• The finest silver solder available and the best price anywhere.
• Dead soft for easy handling and cadmium free for safety.
• Low differential between melting and flow points provides excellent control.

OrthoElectric Polymer

OrthoElectric Polymers produce appliances in brilliant electric colors.

OrthoFlourescent Polymer

Contains "Glow in The Dark" pigment


• Add glitter to your appliances with 10 beautiful colors

Orthoglow Additive

Add 10% OrthoGlow Additive for fluorescence


• 10 spectacular Orthostar colors to form designs and letters.


Other Bone Instruments

Bone Scoops, Bone Harvesters, Bone Graft Pack, Bone Morselizer, Bone Mill, Bone Graft Syringes



Orthodontic Implant

Orthodontic Implant Model

Over-Denture Ball Attachment (LGI 3.5)

Over-Denture Ball Attachment (LGI 4.3/5.0)

Over-Denture Ball Attachment (ST 3.30/3.75)

Over-Denture Ball Attachment (ST 4.20/5.00)

Over-Denture Ball Attachment (TITE FIT)

Over-Denture Ball Attachment (VRI 3.50)

Over-Denture Ball Attachment (VRI 4.30)

Over-Denture Ball Attachment (VRI 5.0)

Orthodontic Implant Drill

Orthodontic Implant Insertion Tool

Offset Osteotome, Tapered

One Piece Screw-In Abutment (TITE FIT)

Orthodontic Implant Driver

Octa Two-Piece Abutment (TITE FIT)

Offset Osteotome, Convex Rounded

Offset Osteotome, Concave

Orthodontic Pontomatic Welder

Orthodontic SMP 3000 Digital Welder

OrthoElectric Polymer, 4 oz, Pink

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 2 oz, Pink

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 4 oz, Pink

OrthoElectric Polymer, 16 oz, Pink

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 16 oz, Pink

OrthoElectric Polymer, 5 lb, Pink

OrthoElectric Polymer, 2 oz, Red

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 2 oz, Red

OrthoElectric Polymer, 4 oz, Red

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 4 oz, Red

OrthoElectric Polymer, 16 oz, Red

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 16 oz, Red

OrthoElectric Polymer, 5 lb, Red

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 5 lb, Red

OrthoElectric Polymer, 2 oz, Fire Orange

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 2 oz, Fire Orange

OrthoElectric Polymer, 4 oz, Fire Orange

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 4 oz, Fire Orange

OrthoElectric Polymer, 16 oz, Fire Orange

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 16 oz, Fire Orange

OrthoElectric Polymer, 5 lb, Fire Orange

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 5 lb, Fire Orange

Open End Square Wrench 4 x 4 mm

OrthoElectric Polymer, 2 oz, Tangerine

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 2 oz, Tangerine

OrthoElectric Polymer, 4 oz, Tangerine

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 4 oz, Tangerine

OrthoElectric Polymer, 16 oz, Tangerine

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 16 oz, Tangerine

OrthoElectric Polymer, 5 lb, Tangerine

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 5 lb, Tangerine

OrthoElectric Polymer, 2 oz, Yellow

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 2 oz, Yellow

OrthoElectric Polymer, 4 oz, Yellow

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 4 oz, Yellow

OrthoElectric Polymer, 16 oz, Yellow

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 16 oz, Yellow

OrthoElectric Polymer, 5 lb, Yellow

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 5 lb, Yellow

OrthoElectric Polymer, 2 oz, Green

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 2 oz, Green

OrthoElectric Polymer, 4 oz, Green

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 4 oz, Green

OrthoElectric Polymer, 16 oz, Green

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 16 oz, Green

OrthoElectric Polymer, 5 lb, Green

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 5 lb, Green

OrthoElectric Polymer, 2 oz, Blue

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 2 oz, Blue

OrthoElectric Polymer, 4 oz, Blue

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 4 oz, Blue

OrthoElectric Polymer, 16 oz, Blue

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 16 oz, Blue

OrthoElectric Polymer, 5 lb, Blue

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 5 lb, Blue

OrthoElectric Polymer, 2 oz, Purple

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 2 oz, Purple

OrthoElectric Polymer, 4 oz, Purple

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 4 oz, Purple

OrthoElectric Polymer, 16 oz, Purple

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 16 oz, Purple

OrthoElectric Polymer, 5 lb, Purple

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 5 lb, Purple

Open Coil Springs, 3 x 7 Inch Lengths

Orthodontic Silver Solder, 5 DWT, .015 Inch diameter

Orthodontic Silver Solder, 5 DWT, .025 inch diameter

Orthodontic Silver Solder, 5 DWT, .031 inch diameter

Orthodontic Silver Solder, 80 DWT, .015 inch diameter

Orthodontic Silver Solder, 80 DWT, .025 inch diameter

Orthodontic Silver Solder, 80 DWT, .031 inch diameter

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, KIT, 8 colors x 2oz

OrthoGlitter, Apricot

OrthoGlitter, Aqua

OrthoGlitter, Black

OrthoGlitter, Blue

OrthoGlitter, Fushsia

OrthoGlitter, Gold

OrthoGlitter, Green

OrthoGlitter, Purple

OrthoGlitter, Red

OrthoGlitter, Silver


Orthoglow Additive, 16 oz

Orthoglow Additive, 4 oz

OrthoStars, Apricot

OrthoStars, Blue

OrthoStars, Fuschia

OrthoStars, Gold

OrthoStars, Green

OrthoStars, Hot Pink

OrthoStars, Red

OrthoStars, Rose

OrthoStars, Silver

OrthoStars, Violet

Oxygen Barrier Kit


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