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Operatory Supplies
Bibs, Mouth Mirrors, Disposable Surgical Tips, Cotton Rolls, etc.

Ortho Instruments & Tools

Buy 2 - Get 1 Free (33% Off 3 Same Items): Bracket Placement Tweezer, Boone Guage, Keat Buccal Tube, Bracket Positioner, Band Height Marker, Hemostat Pliers, Matheiu Pliers, Hand Instruments (Explorer, Seater, Scaler, Director, Twirl), Bite Sticks

Ortho-Dental Hardware Products and Supplies

Bonding Systems & Brackets, Bicuspid and Molar Bands, Attachments, Archwire, Bulk Dental Wire, Appliance & Expansion Screws, Education Models, Dental Elastics (Ties & Chain), Head Gear, Impacted Cuspid Products, Retainer Cases

Ortho-Dental Instruments, Tools & Electronics

Pliers (Distals, Benders, Cutters, Formers, Removers), Hand Instruments, Curing Lights, Handpieces & Motors, Drills and Burs, Applicance Models & Typodonts, Interproximal Stripping

Orthodontic Cement

New and Original Ultra PermaBand, Sumo Glass Inomer Band Cement, PermaBand Dual Cure Glass Inomer Resin Cement

Orthodontic Implants

Implants with Bracket-Like Head and Large Tie Area, Drills, Rachet, Driver and Kits

Orthodontic Silver Solder

• The finest silver solder available and the best price anywhere.
• Dead soft for easy handling and cadmium free for safety.
• Low differential between melting and flow points provides excellent control.

OrthoElectric Polymer

OrthoElectric Polymers produce appliances in brilliant electric colors.

OrthoFlourescent Polymer

Contains "Glow in The Dark" pigment


• Add glitter to your appliances with 10 beautiful colors

Orthoglow Additive

Add 10% OrthoGlow Additive for fluorescence


• 10 spectacular Orthostar colors to form designs and letters.


Other Bone Instruments

Bone Scoops, Bone Harvesters, Bone Graft Pack, Bone Morselizer, Bone Mill, Bone Graft Syringes



Occlusion-Malocclusion Models, Set of Six

Orthodontic Implant Introductory Kit

OrthoElectric Polymer, KIT - 8 colors x 2oz

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, KIT, 8 colors x 2oz

OrthoGlitter, KIT, 10 colors

OrthoStars, KIT, 10 color

Orthodontic Implant

Orthodontic Implant Model

OrthoElectric Polymer, KIT - 8 colors x 16oz

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, KIT, 8 colors x 16oz

Over-Denture Ball Attachment (LGI 3.5)

Over-Denture Ball Attachment (LGI 4.3/5.0)

Over-Denture Ball Attachment (ST 3.30/3.75)

Over-Denture Ball Attachment (ST 4.20/5.00)

Over-Denture Ball Attachment (TITE FIT)

Over-Denture Ball Attachment (VRI 3.50)

Over-Denture Ball Attachment (VRI 4.30)

Over-Denture Ball Attachment (VRI 5.0)

Orthodontic Implant Drill

Orthodontic Implant Insertion Tool

Offset Osteotome, Tapered

One Piece Screw-In Abutment (TITE FIT)

Orthodontic Implant Driver

Octa Two-Piece Abutment (TITE FIT)

Offset Osteotome, Convex Rounded

Offset Osteotome, Concave

Orthodontic Pontomatic Welder

OrthoElectric Polymer, 2 oz, Pink

Orthodontic SMP 3000 Digital Welder

OrthoElectric Polymer, 4 oz, Pink

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 2 oz, Pink

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 4 oz, Pink

OrthoElectric Polymer, 16 oz, Pink

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 16 oz, Pink

OrthoElectric Polymer, 5 lb, Pink

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 5 lb, Pink

OrthoElectric Polymer, 2 oz, Red

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 2 oz, Red

OrthoElectric Polymer, 4 oz, Red

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 4 oz, Red

OrthoElectric Polymer, 16 oz, Red

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 16 oz, Red

OrthoElectric Polymer, 5 lb, Red

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 5 lb, Red

OrthoElectric Polymer, 2 oz, Fire Orange

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 2 oz, Fire Orange

OrthoElectric Polymer, 4 oz, Fire Orange

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 4 oz, Fire Orange

OrthoElectric Polymer, 16 oz, Fire Orange

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 16 oz, Fire Orange

OrthoElectric Polymer, 5 lb, Fire Orange

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 5 lb, Fire Orange

Open End Square Wrench 4 x 4 mm

OrthoElectric Polymer, 2 oz, Tangerine

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 2 oz, Tangerine

OrthoElectric Polymer, 4 oz, Tangerine

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 4 oz, Tangerine

OrthoElectric Polymer, 16 oz, Tangerine

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 16 oz, Tangerine

OrthoElectric Polymer, 5 lb, Tangerine

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 5 lb, Tangerine

OrthoElectric Polymer, 2 oz, Yellow

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 2 oz, Yellow

OrthoElectric Polymer, 4 oz, Yellow

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 4 oz, Yellow

OrthoElectric Polymer, 16 oz, Yellow

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 16 oz, Yellow

OrthoElectric Polymer, 5 lb, Yellow

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 5 lb, Yellow

OrthoElectric Polymer, 2 oz, Green

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 2 oz, Green

OrthoElectric Polymer, 4 oz, Green

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 4 oz, Green

OrthoElectric Polymer, 16 oz, Green

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 16 oz, Green

OrthoElectric Polymer, 5 lb, Green

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 5 lb, Green

OrthoElectric Polymer, 2 oz, Blue

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 2 oz, Blue

OrthoElectric Polymer, 4 oz, Blue

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 4 oz, Blue

OrthoElectric Polymer, 16 oz, Blue

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 16 oz, Blue

OrthoElectric Polymer, 5 lb, Blue

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 5 lb, Blue

OrthoElectric Polymer, 2 oz, Purple

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 2 oz, Purple

OrthoElectric Polymer, 4 oz, Purple

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 4 oz, Purple

OrthoElectric Polymer, 16 oz, Purple

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 16 oz, Purple

OrthoElectric Polymer, 5 lb, Purple

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, 5 lb, Purple

Open Coil Springs, 3 x 7 Inch Lengths

Ortho Photo Mirror

Orthodontic Silver Solder, 5 DWT, .015 Inch diameter

Orthodontic Silver Solder, 5 DWT, .025 inch diameter

Orthodontic Silver Solder, 5 DWT, .031 inch diameter

Orthodontic Silver Solder, 80 DWT, .015 inch diameter

Orthodontic Silver Solder, 80 DWT, .025 inch diameter

Orthodontic Silver Solder, 80 DWT, .031 inch diameter

OrthoFlourescent Polymer, KIT, 8 colors x 2oz

OrthoGlitter, Apricot

OrthoGlitter, Aqua

OrthoGlitter, Black

OrthoGlitter, Blue

OrthoGlitter, Fushsia

OrthoGlitter, Gold

OrthoGlitter, Green

OrthoGlitter, Purple

OrthoGlitter, Red

OrthoGlitter, Silver


Orthoglow Additive, 16 oz

Orthoglow Additive, 4 oz

OrthoStars, Apricot

OrthoStars, Blue

OrthoStars, Fuschia

OrthoStars, Gold

OrthoStars, Green

OrthoStars, Hot Pink

OrthoStars, Red

OrthoStars, Rose

OrthoStars, Silver

OrthoStars, Violet

Oxygen Barrier Kit


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