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PAB Vertical Slot
Medium Bond On Contoured 80 Mesh Pad
Available in .018 and .022 with Hooks and Vertical Slots

Pedodontic Development

Pedodontic Development Models

A series of three models (ages 5, 7 and 10) that demonstrate the complete transition from deciduous to adult dentition.

Perfect Model & Perfect Bite

Produce consistently 100% accurate models & bite registration every time!


Phosphoric Acid

35% or 10% Concentration.
Syringe kits in 1.2 cc or 12 gm.
Available in Red, Green, or Blue.

Pliers - Arch Formers, Crimpers, Cutters, and Benders

Buy Any 4, Get Any One Free (Receive a 20% Discount Equivalent to One Free Item)
Adams, Bird Beak, Hollow Chop, Hook Crimpers, How Seaters, Jarabak, Tweed/Arch Forming, Pin/Ligature/Wire Cutters and more ...

Pliers - Distals, Removers, Torquing, and Specials

Buy Any 4, Get Any One Free (Receive a 20% Discount Equivalent to One Free Item)
Band & Bond Removers, Distal End Cutters, Detailing Step Formers, Tweed Loop Forming, Utility, V Bend Stop ...

Pliers, Instruments & Tools

Boone Guage, Bite Sticks, Hand Instruments, Mathieu Pliers, Pliers, Cutters, Benders, Loop Formers, Crimping, Torquing, Bond Removers ...

Pre-Welded Bicuspid Bands

$3.40 Each .018 or .022 PAB Brackets Welded to Bicuspid Bands with Lingual Seating Lugs

Pre-Welded Buccal Tubes

$2.75 Pre-Welded to Molar Band of Your Choice


• An exceptionally clean polishing pumice.

PVS Mixing Tips, Injection Tips, Syringes and Dispensing Gun

Dispensing gun handles standard or dual cartridges.  Tips come in packs of 50 or 100.



Power Mini Curing Light

Pre-Welded Bicuspid Band, KIT of 100

Pedodontic Development Model, Age 5

Pre-Welded Bicuspid Band, Upper, Single

PVS Cartridge Kit, 4 x 50ml

Pedodontic Development Model, Age 7

Pre-Welded Bicuspid Band, Lower, Single

PVS Cartridge Kit, 32 x 50ml

Pedodontic Development Model, Age 10

Pin and Ligature Cutter, Straight, Carbide

Paste Carrier, 4 Pack

Pin and Ligature Cutter, 7° Angle, Carbide

Pin and Ligature Cutter, Miniature, Carbide

Precision Torque Wrench

Precision Torque Wrench, 4 Pack

Posterior Band Remover, Long

Posterior Band Remover, Short

Palatal Bar, 10 Pack

Parallel Tool

Patient Bib Chains

Patient Bibs, 500 Pack

Perfect Bite Silicone, 2 x 500 gm Jars

Perfect Model Silicone Cartridges, 4 x 50 ml

Perfect Model Silicone Cartridges, Intro Special

Periotome, Anterior

Periotome, Posterior

Pin & Ligature Cutter, 15 Degree

Pin & Ligature Straight

Plaster Nippers

Plaster Teeth Separating Disc

Plastic Drinking Cups

Plastic Primer

PolyAcrylic Acid, Bottle (10 cc)

PolyAcrylic Acid, Syringe Kit (4 X 1.2cc, 20 Tips)

Polymer Bottle, 2oz

Polymer Bottle, 4oz

Porcelain Primer

Porcelain Repair Kit

Posterior Band Remover

Pre-Welded Molar

Preformed Ligatures, Tube of 1000

Pumice, Coarse Grit, 2.5 lb

Pumice, Coarse Grit, 25 lb drum

Pumice, Fine Grit, 2.5 lb

Pumice, Fine Grit, 25 lb drum

Pumice, Medium Grit, 2.5 lb

Pumice, Medium Grit, 25 lb drum

PVS Base and Catalyst Putty Jar Kit

PVS Bite Registration Cartridges and Tubes

PVS Cartridge Kit, 2 x 50ml + 6 Tips, Transparent

PVS Injection Tips, 100 Pack

PVS Injection Tips, 50 Pack

PVS Mixing Tips, 100 Pack

PVS Mixing Tips, 50 Pack


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