Excel Super Torque, High Speed, Push Button, Triple Spray

Excel Super Torque, High Speed, Push Button, Triple Spray

Product #: 874-26t

Price: $169.00

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These superb high speed dental handpieces have every feature you require to do the finest dental procedures.
DentalSource handpieces are equal in performance to the most expensive handpieces anywhere. 
Check our features and then check our price.

Excel Super Torque Handpiece Features:
• HIGH TORQUE for maximum cutting efficiency.
• Relatively SILENT and VIBRATION FREE at 420,000 RPM for patient comfort.
• Ergonomically BALANCED for maximum tactile feel to produce controlled cutting.
• Standard Head is tapered and slightly smaller than other handpieces to provide GREATER VISIBILITY; Mini Head is spherical and almost tiny for superb visibility.
• Water spray adjustable from the finest mist to full water flow in both Single Spray and TRIPLE SPRAY models.
• PUSH-BUTTON model allows for rapid and reliable bur changing.
• Unique textured surface for maximum grip with gloved hand.
• Available in two and four hole models.