FiberBond Retainer, Single

Product #: 552-1mm

Price: $12.00

Quantity Discounts
From To Discount Per
10 24 -$1.00    
25 And Above -$2.00    

• Each foil pack contains one strip of pre-measured and end-sealed FiberBond, impregnated with Color Change Resin
• Easiest and fastest permanent retainer to place.
• Place FiberBond before stripping case to guarantee retention.
• Pre-measured, resin-impregnated strips for every situation.
• No more struggling to cut fibers and control frayed ends.
• Impregnated with COLOR CHANGE resin for ideal visability.
• Complete system and supplies to provide ideal lingual retention.
• Excellent for holding diastemas closed and supporting anchorage.
10-24 Packs: Save $1.00 Each; 25+ Packs: Save $2.00 Each