Pre-Welded Molar

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Price: $2.75

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Because any tube can be welded to any molar band, the item numbers are created by the customer as-needed.  
It helps to write down these numbers in advance, and then enter them when ready. 
Please double check that your item numbers are accurate as this is a freeform text field (any text or product ID will be accepted)
- Enter the item number of the Buccal Tube you would like welded in the "Tube Number" box
- Enter the item number of the Band Size to weld to in the "Band Number" box.  
NOTE: If ordering in the #1-#30 size range, please use the number sign (#1, #2 ... #29, #30) so it is not mistaken for a millimeter size.
- Enter the quantity and click "Add to Cart" 

Call (800) 826-7846, Fax (818) 982-9501, or eMail with your Pre-Weld item number(s).