Jackets and Gowns

Our disposable Isolation Gowns are a quality product at an unbeatable price that will save your money! If your size is either Small, Medium, or Large, your choices are between colors and also between Elastic Cuffs or Knit Cuffs for a few cents more. If you are an Extra-Large, blue with Knit Cuffs is your only choice.
For Lab Jackets we produce the short Hip Length or the longer Knee Length. You can choose between the disposable Fluid Resistant Material or the Autoclavable and Washable Material which usually will last 5 washings.
All our Gowns and Jackets are packed in boxes of 50 to give you the best value. Other companies only give you 30 per box, so I have listed the individual price in red so that you can see our SUPER VALUE.

Currently, there are no listings in this category. Check back soon for new additions!