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Implants: Minis, Drills, Tools
Cameras: Intraoral, X-Ray
Loupes: Galileo, Prism

Ortho Parts & Hardware
Appliance Screws/Expanders · Archwire · Attachments · Bands & Tubes · Brackets · Expansion · Elastics  (Ties · Chain) · Head Gear · Impacted Cuspid · Retainer Cases

Instruments & Tools
Pliers · Hand Tools & Instruments · Handpieces · Carbide Burs · Diamond Burs · Endodontic Files · Education Models · Electronics · Interproximal Stripping

Chemicals & Laboratory
Bonding · Endodontic · Lab Supply · Monomers · Restoratives · Retainer Acrylics · Silicone · Wax & Lip Protection

Surgery & Practice
Anesthesia · Caps-Masks · Endo Points · Face Shields · Jackets · Anti-Infection · Operatory Supply

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Orthodontic and Dental Supplies, Tools and Products

Low Cost, High Quality Orthodontic and Dental Products, Supplies, and Equipment, Factory-Direct to You.
How can we have the lowest prices without sacrificing quality?  Simple: We manufacture and package our own products, so we set our own prices, and pass the savings on to you.   Further, we avoid costly marketing gimmicks, pricey advertising and packaging.  
Orthodontic and dental retailers must pass these costs onto you, so you end up paying more for the same product quality.
All of our products and manufacture procedure meet medical industry manufacture standards.
Regulated products are FDA approved and/or ISO certified.  
Our customers have known for over 30 years that you can Buy Factory Direct And Save at OrthoSource.

Dental Implants

Category for Dental Implants Products Dental Implants See PDF Icon

Implants and Prosthetics, Irrigation Drills, Tools, Mini Implants, Orthodontic Implants, and More

Intraoral Cameras & Xray Readers

Category for Intraoral Cameras & Xray Readers Products Intraoral Cameras & Xray Readers See PDF Icon

Digital X-Ray Film Reader, Digital Intra-Oral Camera (USB), Wired or Wireless IntraOral Camera Systems, LED Screen for Intraoral Camera Handpiece

Surgical Loupes

Category for Surgical Loupes Products Surgical Loupes See PDF Icon

Ultra Light Weight Prism and Galileo Loupes, German Quality Ultra Light Weight Galileo Loupes, Wide Field View (4.0x) Prism Dental Loupes, Optional Fly Weight (11g) LED Light

Ortho-Dental Hardware Products and Supplies

Category for Ortho-Dental Hardware Products and Supplies Products Ortho-Dental Hardware Products and Supplies

Bonding Systems & Brackets, Bicuspid and Molar Bands, Attachments, Archwire, Bulk Dental Wire, Appliance & Expansion Screws, Education Models, Dental Elastics (Ties & Chain), Head Gear, Impacted Cuspid Products, Retainer Cases

Ortho-Dental Instruments, Tools & Electronics

Category for Ortho-Dental Instruments, Tools & Electronics Products Ortho-Dental Instruments, Tools & Electronics

Pliers (Distals, Benders, Cutters, Formers, Removers), Hand Instruments, Curing Lights, Handpieces & Motors, Drills and Burs, Applicance Models & Typodonts, Interproximal Stripping

Ortho-Dental Laboratory Chemicals & Supplies

Category for Ortho-Dental Laboratory Chemicals & Supplies Products Ortho-Dental Laboratory Chemicals & Supplies

Bonding, Cement, Etch, Cures, Casting, Endodontic, Impressions, Silicone, Retainer Acrylics & Plastics, Wax, Lip Protection, Monomers & Concentrates, Restoratives, Acids

Surgery & Infection Control Supplies

Category for Surgery & Infection Control Supplies Products Surgery & Infection Control Supplies

Anesthesia and Retraction, Endodontic Points, Face Masks and Shields, Infection Control (Barrier Film, Sleeves), Jackets & Gowns, Sutures, Operatory Supplies (Dappen Dishes, Applicators, Cotton, Saliva Ejectors)