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Catalog Index by Section -- Dial 800-826-7846 to Order

By Page Number
1... Gold Attachments With Chain
2,3... CuspidBond
4-6... Superbond Instant
7... Cuspid Bonding Supplies

8... Root Teasers, Elevators
9... Handpieces
10... Supplies
11... Sutures
12-16... Education Models


Cuspid Bonding Supplies 7
CuspidBond 2,3
Education Models 12-16
Gold Attachments With Chain 1
Handpieces 9
Root Teasers, Elevators 8
Superbond Instant 4-6
Supplies 10
Sutures 11


Catalog Index With Content

Expanded Index
1... Gold Attachments With Chain - Gold Swivels, Gold Buttons and Cleat, Gold "V" Mesh
2,3... CuspidBond- 2: Light Cure Kit, Primer, Adhesive 3: Suggestions and Techniques
4-6... Superbond Instant
    4: SuperBond Instant System, Gold Attachments, Dr. Taylor's Suggestions to Prevent Bond Failure
    5: Taylor Technique, Gold Cleat & Chain
    6: Taylor Technique, Gold Screen & Chain, SuperBond Instant Kits
7... Cuspid Bonding Supplies -
    SuperBond Instant, Syringe, Tips, Autoclavable Lip Retractor, Attachments, Tweezers
8... Root Teasers, Elevators - Heidbrink Root Tip Teasers, Kopp & Claw Elevators, Steiglizt Forceps
9... Handpieces - Excel Dental and Maxitorque Surgical High Speed Handpieces, Excel Slow Speed
10... Supplies
     Mini Drier, Winged Infusion Sets, Topical Anesthetic, Astra & Cooke-Waite Syringe,
    Intra Ligament Syringe, Light Cure Unit, Safety Infusion Sets
11... Sutures - Sutures with Swaged Needles
12-16... Education Models
    12: Crown and Bridge Implant Model, Over Denture Implant Model, Vascual Models
    13: Pedodontic Development, Ideal Occlusion and Orthodontic Malocclusion Models - 6 in Series
          Class I Ideal Occlusion Pink Gingiva, Class I - Removable Teeth in Flexible Polyurethane Base
    14: Impacted Third Molarl, Hemi Mandible with Uncovered Teeth
          Mid Section Posterior Mandibular Teeth, Caries Developmental

    15: Class III Mandibular Surgical , Class II Maxillary Segment, Class III Mandibular Segment
    16: Unique Impacted Cuspid, Pre-Op Impacted Cuspid, Windows Impacted Cuspid


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